About Us

I’ve been a sunflowers’ lover since I was a child, that’s why our logo represents one of them. The name Quisqueya came from my love for my land. I consider myself very patriotic, I have it in my blood.

I enjoy helping others with my advice. Many people feel sad because they don’t like the way their skin looks; it may be due to acne or blemishes. I know what it feels like to go through that. I can tell you, from my own experience, that there is a solution. It took me years of fighting acne to finally handle the problem. Wanting to have a heathy skin and embrace my beauty, I became a professional in the area of aesthetic study and, nowadays, I can give my recommendations with more knowledge.

Small definition of Quisqueya: Aboriginal word Taíno. Means «mother of the lands». Quisqueyano(a) it’s a colloquial name for Dominicans and Dominican Republic inhabitants.

Beauty: For my passion for beauty, especially skin care. I’ve always liked every little aspect about beauty: makeup, hair care and skin care, all that is beauty, that includes the beauty of the heart.